• Inga Sempè Chantilly
  • Inga Sempè Chantilly
Chantilly. The name speaks volumes. Like its creamy edible counterpart, Chantilly has two components: a soft, flowing exterior sustained by a rigid inner frame that rises to a flat leather-clad top.

The satin upholstery is deliberately loose fitting. It flounces and cascades, soft and inviting, its folds highlighting the fabric’s sheen. The high back of this circular settee supports the nape of the neck - a cervical cushion reminiscent of 19th century models but without their rigidity and severity. Chantilly is the epitome of softness and sensuality, conjuring up a riot of images. Effortless folds and elegant sheen recall gowns by Valentino or Madeleine Vionnet; its voluptuous outline reminiscent of the curvaceous silhouette of Marilyn Monroe.

Like lavish fashion, it triggers many a flight of fantasy. Like its name though, Chantilly also evokes the very physical sense of taste that captures perfectly the all-pervading materiality of Sempé’s new upholstered creation. Chantilly is the first creation to abandon respectable prêt-a-porter elegance for a stunning evening dress or slinky silk negligee - for comfort’s sake, but especially to seduce. Its assertive presence earmarks Chantilly as the centrepiece of any environment.

Inga Sempè