• Dondoli and Pocci Lei Chair
  • Dondoli and Pocci Lei Chair
  • Dondoli and Pocci Lei Chair

Dondoli and Pocci Lei Chair

for Bonaldo
The four versions of LEI have different frames. All declinations of LEI are characterized by a slender steel structure that comes in twoversions with different finishes a chrome-plated or a varnished (white, black andsilver) finish that enhance the frame, covered in fabric or leather, or made out ofmultilayered composite technopolymere, available in white, ivory and light gray.

Already available in different versions and numerous finishes, in 2006 Bonaldo presents a new version with seat and back in oak for which a highly technological material was used: 3-D laminate thanks to which accentuated concave and convex shapes can be obtained. This provides an additional opportunity to enjoy the unique characteristics of wood the grain, the warmth of the surfaces, the feeling of well-being and comfort that wood conveys without having to forego the functional and aesthetic needs of a contemporary lifestyle.

Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci

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