• Mark Holmes Pinch Chair
Pinch is a stackable dining chair suitable for both domestic and contract use. It has an aluminium frame and a ply seat/back upholstered in leather or fabric.

The idea is based around the letter ‘b’ chosen because, as with many letters and fonts, it has very elegant and simple qualities and also because it’s a very basic ‘chair-like’ form. From a rigid, rectilinear ‘b’ profile the occasional curve and ‘pinch’ was added to create the required ergonomics but no more than absolutley necessary! The linear characteristics of the ‘b’ were carried through to the profile of the chair itself, making it appear like a drawn line or script. The fact that the line of the profile is kept at a constant weight and doesn’t ‘join up’ helps to fulfill this objective.

The apparently simple formal structure of Pinch effectively, and neatly, fulfills the complex technical requirements of a stacking chair through carefully thought out design and engineering. Pinch is available in many colour variations and will shortly be accompanied by both Arm and Lowchair versions.

L 450 mm x D 450 mm x H 800 mm

Aluminium frame, leather/fabric upholstered ply

White, black, grey, red, brown

Mark Holmes

Mark Holmes