• Philippe Starck Couture Chair
  • Philippe Starck Couture Chair
  • Philippe Starck Couture Chair
At first hand Couture appears to be a regular generic plastic shell / metal frame chair, but it comes with a twist. The whole point of having such a chair is the pattern on the shell with a new printing-on-plastic technique.

There are two versions: a tweed pattern with pastel coloured threads as well as a crocodile-print pattern.

Couture will come in more versions along the year hence making it... a fashionable product.
Starck’s idea here is to drive design away from the minimalist era. He explicitly makes a reference to the fashion industry in its chic and frivolous dimension. COUTURE is the living proof that the worlds of design and fashion are not so far apart and can blend happily and successfully together.

COUTURE is available in 3 colours, yellow, pink and violet.

Philippe Starck