• Karim Rashid Dragonfly Easy Chair
  • Karim Rashid Dragonfly Easy Chair
The name Dragonfly is certainly appropriate for this swiveling easy chair. With one simple movement, it opens its “wings” and transforms from easy chair to chaise-longue. In fact, all one needs to do is lift the seat and turn it upside down to have a comfortable footrest; without complicated mechanisms but simply thanks to a hinge that connects the seat to the back.

The line the chaise-longue forms is very pure, almost a uniform curve that connects the two parts.
Even the foot stand on which the seat rests is zoomorphic in its inspiration and completes the image of a dragonfly.

Dragonfly is a completely new and unconventional chaise-longue. With its essential shape and the possibility of ordering it in a two-color version, it goes beyond the classic idea of an easy chair offering a sparkling and fun article. Dragonfly has another advantage: it offers two excellent seats an easy chair and a chaise-longue that occupy the space of one. These characteristics will certainly make it popular with the younger crowd that pays increasing attention to detail and to the purchase of furniture with a truly functional design.

The structure is in chrome-plated steel while the seat and back are available in fabric in many colors and patterns many of which expressly designed by Karim Rashid starting this year or leather-covered expanded polyurethane.

Karim Rashid