• Tuttu Sillanpää Itu Carpet
  • Tuttu Sillanpää Itu Carpet
  • Tuttu Sillanpää Itu Carpet
  • Tuttu Sillanpää Itu Carpet
Small sprouts arise from the surface of the carpet - details which give the carpet its name. The Itu carpet is made of 100 % felted wool and goes well for home decoration and office interiors for lighter use. It can also be used as a wall decoration. Itu carpets consist of 80 x 80 cm elements.

Carpets can be assembled of these elements according to customer's need. The carpets are made of 8 mm thick felt material and are treated with an environmentally friendly finishing substance. This phase makes the product dirt resistant and prevents pilling. The chemicals used in the dyeing process are all environmentally friendly.

Care: Regular vacuum cleaning and airing is sufficient for keeping the carpet free from dust and dirt. In the beginning it is possible that some fluff peels off the rug. This can be removed by vacuum cleaning or brushing.

Possible stains or fluid spilt on the carpet should be immediately removed by try cloth or tissue paper, before absorbed into the carpet.  Thereafter the stains can be wiped off by a damp cloth (do not rub). Use water rather than stain removers. Firm dirt can be rubbed out delicately using a knife to remove most of the stain. Blot immediately with a cloth.

80 x 80 x H 0,8 cm

Tuttu Sillanpää

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