• Toyo Ito Ripples Bench
  • Toyo Ito Ripples Bench
The profiles of the seats are reminiscent of anatomical shapes of people of varying statures  men and women, robust and skinny, old and young an entire universe of shapes that come together. Toyo Ito draws his inspiration from the magical movement of concentric circles formed by pebbles thrown into the water, to give a combination of form and matter that inscribes a new chapter in the history of Horm's design.

Multi-layered solid natural wood of different types and colours.

A single version in 99 numbered models, signed by the designer.

The six 5 mm-thick layers are processed on a pantograph to create a polychrome effect.

200 x 50 x H 40 cm

Bench realized in limited edition: 99 pieces signed by Toyo Ito.

Toyo Ito