• Afra Scarpa and Tobia Scarpa Rosa Sofa
  • Afra Scarpa and Tobia Scarpa Rosa Sofa
A female substantive, the past participle of the verb gnaw, the name of, plants belonging to the partner, the symbol of beauty, an indeclinable adjective for the intermediate colour between red and white, the distinguishing symbol for the first person on the list in the Italian bicycle race, the narrow 6*lle of people where there will be a choice, the figurative arrangement of winds system put in a circle, tones are the meanings of Rosa for the dictionary of the Italian language. A bench with metallic frame and enlaced belts at sight, with a big cushion quilted and big cylindric cushions to be arranged freely, the is the meaning of Rosa for Meritalia.

Afra Scarpa and Tobia Scarpa