• Antonio Citterio with Glen Oliver Löw Storage Wall
  • Antonio Citterio with Glen Oliver Löw Storage Wall
  • Antonio Citterio with Glen Oliver Löw Storage Wall
Storage Wall offers not only storage, but also serves as architectural elements that organize space. The line ranges from a credenza height low cupboard (two files high) to a wall element the height of five files. Elements are easy to assemble and reconfigure thanks to the simple tools-free assembly.

The Storage Wall's use as a room divider testifies to the system's flexibility. When utilized as dividers, the units are accessible from both sides and can be adjusted to the respective user's needs (file storage, shelf storage, hatch, wardrobe etc.). Credenza tops are available for two and three file height elements.

Various configurations are possible using straight, T or L elements. Electricity can be supplied through the base of all cupboards - which double up as cable guides through the office.

There are two types of lockable doors: traditional hinged doors and sliding doors. Space saving sliding doors have fabric covers that provide pin-up surfaces.

The Ad Hoc Box provides space for files, fits the mobile trolleys, and is simple to transport.

Technical description
Storage Wall is available 80 and 120 cm wide and with a height of 92, 128, 164 or 200 cm - two to five files high. Without a door, the Ad Hoc cupboard is 36 cm deep. Both the carcasses and optional back panels come in powder-coated steel.

The latter can be ordered in three versions (smooth, embossed or perforated) and can be configured as required: each file height is individually screened, allowing varying surfaces in a single cupboard. Lockable sliding doors close the linked set of cupboards; the doors feature single- or two-section fabric spanned across an aluminium frame.

A painted MDF hinged door is available if individual cupboards need to be closed. The base is optionally available with or without power-supply fittings.

Antonio Citterio and Glen Oliver Löw