• Kiesler Easy Chair and Kiesler Rocker
  • Kiesler Easy Chair and Kiesler Rocker
These two objects seem to grow from the ground in a infite bend like sculptures. Frederick Kiesler himself defined 18 different ways of use for the correalistic furniture - they result from the complex design and the perfect relation of the object to the environment.

In his complex drawings these different functions are self-explanatory - they show a funtional diversity and make the complexity of his drafts perfectly clear. These two pieces of furniture contained and still contain an extraordinary power of tension, which could be interpreted as being the nucleus of Kiesler's universality in thought and work.

The re-edition of this furniture by the Franz Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten makes it possible for todays user to feel the actuality of Kieslers work. The corrrealistic furniture and the rocker are the first pieces in a serie, which will be produced in cooperation with the Frederick Kiesler Center.

Friedrich Kiesler