• Pelikan Design Labyrint Screen Wall
  • Pelikan Design Labyrint Screen Wall
The room dividers consist of curved or straight units. The units are based on wooden frames with oblique, flat wooden slats. The individual units can be joined be means of the attached linking devices.

The carrying construction is an outer laminated wooden frame affixed with concealed screws, feet, castors and linking devices. The units are provided with narrow, oblique wooden slats. The distance between the slats is controlled by short aluminium tubes. Labyrint is available with end-screws, fully turnable linking devices and height adjustable feet in natural anodized aluminium

The frame is beech natural or maple natural. The units may be:
- Curved with oblique slats with 2 or 3 feet
- Straight with oblique slats and 2 or 3 feet.

Height: 165 cm
Width: approx. 75 or 150 cm.
Radius of curved units: 75 cm or 150 cm.

Plate foot, small or large in natural anodized aluminium
Fitting for wall mounting, natural anodized aluminium
Three point linking device, natural anodised aluminium

Pelikan Design

Fritz Hansen