• Le Corbusier LC12 La Roche Table
  • Le Corbusier LC12 La Roche Table
With wooden or glass table-tops, and coming in two dimensions, 120 x 80 and 160 x 120, the tables designed by Le Corbusier for the La Roche house in 1925 bring solutions for different positions. Their spirit lies in the contrast of the proportions between the two elements; the support and what is supported, that is to say the pedestal of minimum width for its vertical shape, and the top of maximum width for its horizontal dimension.

The contrast of the dimensional relationship, stressed also in other Le Corbusier designs, confirms the presence of plastic-poetic merit, prevalently articulated in the inversion of the roles of the elements; the vibrating lightness of the table-top against its real weight, and the comforting stability of the pedestal against its visual delicacy.

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