• Helmut Jahn and Yorgo Lykouria Ulysses Table
  • Helmut Jahn and Yorgo Lykouria Ulysses Table
Jahn and Lykouria have taken the refectory table from medieval monasteries and transposed it into the 21st century, giving it a contemporary shape with distinctive, very slender lines and an unusual surface: a stainless steel plate with a lasered pattern, topped by a panel made of acrylic material.

The tension between controlled dynamics and almost meditative restraint bestows a peculiar fascination on this table and makes «Ulysses» equally suitable for conversation, contemplation, organisation or culinary pleasures.

Table with a laser-cut stainless steel plate covered by an acrylic glass plate. Acrylic glass plate in clear or opal. Frame of polished stainless steel. The table is available in three lengths: 240, 320 and 400 cm.

Helmut Jahn and Yorgo Lykouria