• Denis Santachiara Booxx Bookcase
  • Denis Santachiara Booxx Bookcase
This bookcase takes pride of place in this new group of Desalto products.

It has a particular feature that makes it unique: a structure that functions like a dynamic and innovative pantograph-style extension mechanism. That is to say, the bookcase can be lengthened on the wall to taste, reaching a maximum extension of around 2.3 metres in height.

When packaged, it has minimum dimensions of around 35 cm. The planes of the bookcase can then be more or less inclined according to the degree of aperture with which it is attached to the wall. A fastener at the end of each shelf and an intermediate separator enable books to be put away very easily.

The pantograph structure enables the bookcase to be positioned freely on the wall based on aesthetic and space requirements.

Denis Santachiara’s inspiration has introduced the concept of movement, which is part of his design language, to subvert the order of an object that is generally proposed as static, stable, fixed.

from L100 cm x H 165 x D 25.5 up to L 97 x H 230 X D 25.5

galvanised or lacquered.

Denis Santachiara