• Ron Arad Bad Tempered Chair
  • Ron Arad Bad Tempered Chair
The Bad Tempered Chair is to a certain extent a re-edition of the legendary Well Tempered Chair, a seating object based on four voluminous sheet-steel loops from Vitra Edition.

The design, which is produced in a limited edition of 1000 units, echoes back to the legendary ”Well Tempered Chair” that started the cooperation between Ron Arad and Vitra in 1985. Sheet steel was folded and screwed together to form an armchair that started as an unconventional formal idea but then provided an astounding sitting experience due to the resilient qualities of the material.

With its idiosyncratic appearance and novel use of materials, The Well Tempered Chair was soon known the world over. Formally speaking, the Bad Tempered Chair is more or less identical with the original model, but instead of the no-longer available special sheet metal, a newly-developed type of plastic is used.

This material is an ingenious mixture of glass, carbon and Kevlar fibre laminates steeped in a special artificial resin. It offers not only a convincing substitute for sheet steel, but actually improves the practical utility of the armchair.

glass carbon and Kevlar fibre resin.

38.75" w  31.5" d  31.5" h

Ron Arad