• David Palterer Piccolino Chair
  • David Palterer Piccolino Chair
  • David Palterer Piccolino Chair
Piccolino has been created by the desire to link the traditional with the present time. It, almost, seems to be an item of the past. Due to the extremely rich cultural phenomenon, namely David Palterer, it appears to be free and topical as never before. Palterer says, that its formal and cultural ambiguity means a lot to him and that he speaks of a chair as of a friend ("parlo di un'amica, di una sedia").

The type of Palterer-chair, with its by 45° offset legs, goes back to the so called "Fauteuil de bureau", a desk chair which was invented in the 18th century in France. Characteristic, until to-day, is the semicircular backrest which forms one piece with the armrests. The across the corner positioned frame and frontally placed leg enable a comfortable position when sitting for a long time.

Already in the Napoleon-palace on Elba stands an interesting predecessor of this chair, the so called "loafer", on which the people, waiting for an audience, could sit. Again and again this model was adopted, for instance, by Thone, H.J. Wenger or F. Hansen. A predecessor of the Palterer-chair was manufactured in the nineties by ACERBIS, the current final version is manufactured by DRAENERT. 56 x 55 x 79 cm, Sear height 46 cm

David Palterer