• Arne Quinze Quartz Chair
  • Arne Quinze Quartz Chair
To complement and integrate the range of tables in wood, Moroso offers a chair in the same material, commissioning the design from Arne Quinze.

Arne Quinze started his work with Moroso by designing Deer, working on the geometry and use of a synthetic material such as polyurethane foam with high-elasticity polyurethane paint. Deer comprised a set of modules with irregular and faceted shapes that could be composed in infinite solutions.

Arne Quinze tackles geometry once again this year although this time applied to a natural material such as wood.

He has furthered his work on forms and faceting, seeking new effects from the wood and creating a chair whose design is a combination of the past and future.
Using the most classic of materials, Quinze has successfully made an object with a symbolic shape in which the material gains qualities of luminosity.

Quartz is an object of the future that retains the intrinsic value of wood – strong and hard-wearing, comfortable and basic.

“When Patrizia Moroso asked me to start designing a chair in wood, I wanted to give the material a different look without however ignoring its natural qualities. The facets give a dynamic and vibrant appeal, while the surface plays with the light, creating a sparkling effect. Just like quartz”.

Arne Quinze