• Jasper Morrison Pan Table
  • Jasper Morrison Pan Table
Range of tables with detachable satined stainless steel base and top in natural oak, ebony-stained oak, matt white or beige lacquered. Grey polypropylene feet.

P3/1L: Ø 125 x h.74 cm
P3/5L: Ø 150 x h.74 cm
P3/3L: 200 x 120 x h.74 cm
P3/4L: 240 x 125 x h.74 cm
P3/6L: 300 x 130 x h.74 cm
P3/7L: 200 x 90 x h.74 cm
P3/8L: 240 x 95 x h.74 cm
P3/9L: 300 x 100 x h.74 cm

Jasper Morrison