• Jean Prouvé Cité Lounge Chair
  • Jean Prouvé Cité Lounge Chair
  • Jean Prouvé Cité Lounge Chair
"Prouvé combines the soul of an engineer with that of an architect" -Le Corbusier

The Cité lounge chair is one of Prouvé's earlier furniture designs and it fits perfectly in the modern home where Prouvé himself used it. Jean Prouvé was a "constructeur" a builder and designer who created furniture that still looks crisply modern seventy years after they were designed. The Cité lounge has the trademark Prouvé rational-sculptural aesthetic courtesy of his formal engineering training. By sitting in this chair you are well on your way to discovering the sublime and sophisticated qualities that are unique to Prouvé designs.

Steel frame, fabric or leather, leather straps.

Construction notes: Frame made of sheet steel, lacquered finish in red, black or beige. Single piece fabric cover in black, beige, tobacco and leather. Armrests are made of thick natural saddle leather straps.

26.75" w  37.5" d  33" h

Jean Prouvé, 1930.