• Jean Prouvé Em Table
  • Jean Prouvé Em Table
"Prouvé combines the soul of an engineer with that of an architect" - Le Corbusier

Even the details of this table are determined by its construction. The elegance of "EM" can be attributed to the slight slant of the legs.

Prouvé developed it for the "Maison Tropique", a project for prefabricated housing, at the beginning of the fifties as a variation of an earlier design.

The "EM" table is especially suitable within the domestic context as a dining or work table.

Lacquered steel, oak top.

Construction notes:
Diagonally positioned legs, traverse brace. Base available in black or cream. Tabletop available in natural or dark oak veneer.

med; 78.75" L  35.5" w  28.25" h
large; 98.5" L  35.5" w  28.25" h

Jean Prouvé, 1950.