• Hannes Wettstein Juno Bed
Bed in natural cherrywood, natural beechwood or beechwood stained cherrywood. Head in curved wood, foot and sides in solid wood; the bed is also available without headboard and it is possible to add a small padded headboard upholstered with removable and washable cover.

Supporting structure in black lacquered steel, which can be dismantled (over 160 cm. wide).
The rear wheels (only for the bed with wooden headboard), in thermoplastic material with cast aluminium supports, facilitate the movement of the bed.

Juno can be fitted with either fixed or sliding small tables (only for the bed with wooden headboard) and foldaway drawers, both in black mat rigid polyurethane. Low tables with wooden top or top in slate and a bench with removable upholstery are also available.

Hannes Wettstein