• Philippe Starck Maria Antonietta Table
Thanks to the union of technology and research for quality, Kartell has been able to create the first coffee table with a single leg consisting of one solid piece of moulded transparent polycarbonate. Maria Antonietta is the perfect complementary piece for the Louis Ghost chair, but also for the progenitor, La Marie.

A new Kartell icon, surprising and exciting.

After the Starck couples, Dr.Glob and Miss Balù, Dr.No and Dr.Na (still in production and Kartell best sellers), there had to be a new couple that embodied the dream and the spell of transparency, always in respect of those priceless qualities like functionality, lightness and elegance.

After Louis Ghost, the Louis XIV style armchair, its perfect partner, Maria Antonietta, has now been born; a small table in transparent polycarbonate, which, however, is a perfect match for the chair La Marie, too.

The single leg made from one solid piece of injected transparent polycarbonate, in a harmonious goblet shape, was an authentic technological challenge for Kartell. To create such a large surface, maintaining the evenness and transparency of the material was only possibly thanks to an in-depth study of the energy flows during the moulding phase.
Maria Antonietta is composed of two parts: a single moulded piece for the base, surmounted by a disk (the table top) in transparent polycarbonate. The result is a table that is light and evanescent, and yet incredibly resistant to weather and extreme temperatures, and to blows.
A sophisticated table to fit into any décor, indoors or out.
With an eye to elegance and glamour.

transparent polycarbonate

cm 68 diam. X 70 h

crystal, pale smoke grey, pale yellow, orange, ice blue, crystal green

Philippe Starck