• Pelikan Design Wing Screen Wall Series
  • Pelikan Design Wing Screen Wall Series
The room dividers consist of extended sheets in natural anodized aluminium, beech or maple veneer.

The individual Wing units consist of 2 extended sheets. Details and castors on Wing with veneer is supplied in natural anodized aluminium. The units are placed on double castors and are linked two and two or in rows. The screens are connected in the sides in U-shaped aluminium edge profiles and are separated in the middle by a vertical inner, concealed aluminium profile that rest right on top of the horizontal aluminium axial fittings that carry the 2 black-grey synthetic castors.

Wing is supplied with curved sheets in aluminium or veneer, transparent with perforated aluminium sheets - and as sound absorbing units with perforated aluminium or veneer sheets, with an inner filling of 2 sound absorbing, fire retardant polyurethane foam with a thin fibre sheet in between. All Wing units are closed in the top with a black-grey, shaped synthetic cover. The sound absorbent units are also closed at the bottom with a similar cover.

WA 94, closed unit in anodized aluminium, natural beech or maple.
WB 94, transparent unit in anodized aluminium.
WC 94, sound-absorbent, anodized aluminium, natural beech, or maple.

Height: 180
Width: 94

Fritz Hansen