• Patricia Urquiola Hollow Armchair and Sofa
  • Patricia Urquiola Hollow Armchair and Sofa
This project is the result of a group of modular panels of different sizes, which can be assembled through hinges to act as backrests and armrests and holding a soft seat.

Blocked and supported by the legs, the entirely padded and lined panels display a concave plastic surface on the outside, which visually “moves” the elements and enhances their effect of lightness. The types originated from this system include an armchair and a small two-seat sofa in two different sizes. There are several options for the finish: a monochromatic effect if frame, legs and inner upholstery are the same colour. A contrasting effect, if the internal fabric is of a different colour from the frame, which can be black, white and burgundy, while the legs can be varnished or glossy chromed.

There is also a monochromatic and single-material version, based on leather.

Patricia Urquiola

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