• Norway Says Juno Sofa
  • Norway Says Juno Sofa
This sofa by the Scandinavian design group "Norway Says" is like the trailblazing jazz coming out of Northern Europe: sensual, clear and unpretentious. But it is this very understatement which gives it its magical presence. "Juno" looks good from every angle. It thus deserves to be placed in a dominant position: freestanding in the room and accessible from all sides. You can even sit on the wide backrest. The sofa thus becomes a spontaneous, communicative meeting place. The single loose cushion creates an interesting asymmetry and it is always there as an armrest where it is needed.

Frame of chromium-plated steel. Upholstered hardwood frame, upholstery of polyurethane with padding. Cover of fabric (removable).

150 x 92 x H 66 cm (seat height 38 cm)
220 x 92 x H 66 cm (seat height 38 cm)

Norway Says