• Naoto Fukasawa Bincan
A plastic basket and some metal elements: these are the components of Bincan. They corrispond perfectly to every organizing need.

The basket basis is the very important point of the functional and decorative management of the system from which developed different accessories: a coat stand, umbrella stand, three small tables of different high, „emptypocket“-ashtray and a container, every of them changeable and integrable.

The pure line of the Bincan system adapt himself to every kind of surroundings: both public and private. It’s a system that will be grow up in different typologies. Bincan is realized in painted hell grey metall and white or black thermoplastic.

Basket: dia 30 x H 38 cm
Coatstand: dia 22 x H 170 cm
Table S: dia 40 x H 55 cm
Table M: dia 48 x H 67 cm
Table L: dia 40 x H 95 cm
Umbrellastand: dia 22 x H 84 cm
Ashtraystand: dia 26 x H 70 cm

Naoto Fukasawa