• Naoto Fukasawa Twist - Groove Pencil Holders
  • Naoto Fukasawa Twist - Groove Pencil Holders
Two pencil holders, one with a square base, the other with a rectangular base. Processed out of polyurethane resin and coated with a special velvety paint (Soft-touch), in black colour.

The clean lines of the design are in contrast with the orderly disorder of the composition: in the rectangular version, Groove, the pencils are placed in an apparently casual manner within the grooved base, creating the effect of an interrupted game of spillikins. In the square version, Twist, the pencils are placed neatly in little holes forming a circle, with the surprise effect of each pencil standing at a different angle.

square and rectangular pencil holder set

high-density polyurethane resin, “Soft-Touch” paint


Twist: cm 7,5 x 7,5 x h 5 - 3” x 3” x h 2”
Groove: cm 40 x 7,5 x h 2,5 - 15 3/4” x 3” x h 1”

Naoto Fukasawa

B&B Italia