• Nani Marquina Alambre Carpet
  • Nani Marquina Alambre Carpet
  • Nani Marquina Alambre Carpet
The concept was born from the idea of allowing the largest number of possibilities regarding a collection's colours and sizes. It was essential to find a pattern that would allow for the conjugation of these possibilities: a capriciously winding wire has allowed us to create 12 different rugs with this design.

Handtufting system:
Manual method carried out with the aid of a pistol-like device. When actuated, it fires and then cuts a portion of the wool, inserting it into a cotton cloth base, on which the pattern has been previously marked. The wool is fixed to the base by means of latex. It allows for elaborate designs but not precise curved ones.

Rugs 100% Wool (Bikaneri)

Manufacture: Handmade
System: Handtufting
Density: 55.813 knots/m2
Wool pile height: 14 mm
Total height: 20 mm
Total weight:4,15 kg/m2

Nani Marquina