• Martin Kleinhans Wardrobe
  • Martin Kleinhans Wardrobe
This wall coat rack is a extremly graphical piece of furniture, it appears like an abstract image on the wall. Two materials – linoleum + stainless steel – a technical principle. A pure solution, flexible in use.

The garderobe by performa follows the performa philosophy composure.quality.clarity.
Reduced to the substance and in combination with the technical finesse it is a efficient coloured surface on the wall, when not in use, flexible in use through the adjustable hooks and clothes rail in the groovings, which as a graphical design element provides a precise impression.

A piece of furniture for mobile living conditions, monolithic and pure, restrainedly noble through the sensible choice of material and strong in the impression through perfect finishing.

90 x 90 or 100 x 100 cm, in 16 linoleumcolours

Martin Kleinhans