• Marcel Wanders Haikus Centrepieces
  • Marcel Wanders Haikus Centrepieces
  • Marcel Wanders Haikus Centrepieces
Four centrepiece plates to show how imagination, which distinguishes the work of Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, can be expressed strongly with every project, even in a classic accessory like a decorative plate.

Human figures, children’s drawings, natural shapes and modern graphic elements are blended in the Haikus, ceramic plates of a gentle, feminine shape resembling flower petals: available in the cm 50 - 195/8” diameter model and the over-size model with a diameter of cm 75 - 291/2”, obtained through a particularly complex moulding technique.

centrepiece plate featuring a polychrome decoration

glazed ceramic with hand-applied polychrome print

predominantly red, blue, yellow or polychrome decoration

Haikus 75: cm ø 75 x h 13,5 - ø 29 1/2” x h 5 3/8”
Haikus 50: cm ø 50 x h 9 - ø 19 5/8” x h 3 1/2”

Marcel Wanders

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