• Johannes Scherr Coffice Seating
  • Johannes Scherr Coffice Seating
Innovative furniture set from Bene. An easy chair, sofa or bench for brief moments of rest while sitting, waiting or communicating or a smart piece of furniture for wired computer work. An urban, international, minimalist statement on zeitgeist.

The Bene Coffice range comprises easy chairs, two- and three-seater sofas, stools and benches. Sofas and benches can be added on as required. Screens and luminaires may be integrated or added in stand-alone versions, while small add-on desk shelves, Coffice Table Low and Coffice Table High are complementary pieces. A generously sized armrest serves as a shelf and desk for reading and writing. De-signed with a plug box that includes power and computer cables for convenient log-ging into the Internet.

Medium-soft upholstery, seat depth 460 mm, seat height 470 mm.
Back rest height 300 mm.
Total height: 740 mm. Fabric or leather upholstery.

Johannes Scherr