• Wilhelm H. Gispen Gispen 412 Armchair
Sprung-steel armchair without back legs. Two-piece frame of hand-shaped, chromed steel tubing. Fixed covering and characteristic Bakelite armrests with upturned ends.

The Gispen 412 is the best-known armchair in the Gispen collection. Its design dates from 1934, after which it was in production for more than forty years. The backrest stuffing was initially held in place by four vertical lines of stitching, until Gispen decided to use padding for the backrest in 1948. However, from 1955 the chair was again made available with a back in the original style, although now with just three vertical lines of stitches.

As well as providing style in business reception areas, this armchair's timeless design and great comfort made it very popular for domestic use.

Wilhelm H. Gispen

Dutch Originals