• Jasper Morrison Ply Chair
  • Jasper Morrison Ply Chair
"The main reason why Plywood Chair looks the way it does today is that I had to make it myself and the only tools available to me were an electric compass saw and a number of pieces of wood. I noticed a cushioning effect when I used only a thin sheet of plywood for the seat and bent the crossed strips underneath it. To a certain extent this compensated for the chair's other less comfortable qualities." (Jasper Morisson).

The Ply-Chair is a lightweight, wooden stool with surprisingly clear features. Its pure form and simple elegance are captivating. A matching Ply-Table and Low Ply-Table are also available.

Jasper Morrison's objects provide a quiet contrast to the creative exuberance of the Eighties. The visual restraint, high functionalism and constructive simplicity attract attention to his work.

Birch plywood

35" h  15.5" w  18.75" d

Jasper Morrison, 1989.