• Carlo Colombo Tennis Rug
  • Carlo Colombo Tennis Rug
This hand tufted rug is in one solid colour, selected from the 132 options available in the Area rugs sample box. The design features branches and leaves, reproduced in pre-established dimensions that are proportional to the overall size of the rug.

The relief pattern is created by literally sculpting the wool: once the rug is hand tufted as a uniform surface, the design is hand carved with scissors by skilled oriental artisans creating an unprecedented three-dimensional effect. The complexity and the richness of the design make this luxurious rug suited not only as flooring, but also mounted on walls in prestigious living and public spaces.

To produce Tennis, the following is selected:
Background field colour
Colour of the raised design

Standard dimensions of this rug are:
200 x 200 cm
200 x 240 cm
240 x 240 cm
200 x 300 cm
300 x 300 cm
In any other dimension, the rug is considered custom.

Carlo Colombo

Paola Lenti