• Norman Cherner Stacking Chair
  • Norman Cherner Stacking Chair

Norman Cherner Stacking Chair

for Cherner Chair Company
The Cherner Chair's molded plywood seat utilizes a unique construction of laminated plywood of graduated thickness. The number of plies varies from 15 at the 'throat' of the seat to 5 laminations at the seat's perimeter. This feature, plus the molding of compound curves, permits a structurally superior design which is sculpted in form and posture supporting. Stacking chair metal legs are 5/8 diameter with a bright chrome finish.

The stacking chair is available in either European Beech or Walnut face veneers . Beech chairs are available in 3 different shades including natural, ebony, and Stella orange. Walnut is available in natural only. Orders in quantity can be custom finished.

Chairs may be upholstered in the customer's choice of fabric.

Norman Cherner

Cherner Chair Company
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