Jørgen Høj Wooden Tray
  • Jørgen Høj Wooden Tray
  • Jørgen Høj Wooden Tray
  • Jørgen Høj Wooden Tray
Jørgen Høj designed his beautiful wooden trays in 1953. The trays can be used for bread, nuts, fruit, clips or …. The smooth wooden trays by Jørgen Høj are made from 100 to 150 years old maple trees from Danish forests. Every piece of wood has been handpicked and dried in order to obtain the perfect rigid quality of the tray.

For daily cleaning use a cloth, moistured in clean lukewarm water and strongly wrung out. General washing-up can be done when needed, but it is important that the tray is only shortly exposed to water, and no machinewash.

The joy of handicraft and beautiful design sparkles from the trays, which are available in soap-treated maple in 4 versions.

PP 971: 20 x 20 cm 0,30 kg
PP 972: 40 x 15 cm 0,50 kg
PP 973: 50 x 20 cm 1,30 kg
PP 974: 10½ x 22 cm 0,20 kg

Born in 1925 Jørgen Høj was trained as a metal worker and upholsterer. He won the Silver Medal awarded by The Danish School of Arts and Crafts in 1947.
Jørgen Høj graduated from Kunsthandværkerskolen in 1950 and has run his own design studio since 1955 working with design, graphics and interiors. He exhibited at the Cabinate Makers Guild annual Exhibition in 1950, 1951, 1952 and 1955.

Jørgen Høj