• Jurgen Bey Ear-Chair
The Ear-chairs from Studio Jurgen Bey reveal their possibilities immediately: They are comfortable, have small tables integrated into the armrests and are eminently suitable for defining smaller and larger areas. With the Ear-chair you readily create a room in the space available, both visually and acoustically. Variations in upholstery and colour provide moreover the possibility of giving each ‘room’ its own character.

Jurgen Bey designed the Ear-chair in 2002 for the reception area of insurer Interpolis in Tilburg. The company required an area that would meet the open mentality and flexible operating culture of the company. The area had to be suitable both for the reception of clients and the holding of interviews and small meetings. Bey decided with his design to embrace both the future and to refer also to the agricultural past of Interpolis (Boerenleenbank).

The reception room was as it were transformed into ‘Sunday rooms’, designed from the perspective of the wealth and beauty of the rustic interior with its archetypical furniture, including the characteristic ear-chairs, and sumptuously decorated fabrics.

Jurgen Bey

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