• Jørn Utzon Aurora Chair
  • Jørn Utzon Aurora Chair
The chair was designed by Jørn Utzon in 1965 in connection with the work on the Operahouse in Sydney.

Jørn Utzon: »In relation to form and materials this is the most optimized and worked through of my models. I am therefore very happy that the chair is coming into production, now almost 40 years after the first prototype was made.«

He continues: »In connection with the work on the Operahouse we were using very large constructions of formpreassured wood I was very fascinated by this and it was therefore important to me to use this technique in connection with the furniture design I made for the building.«

This is clearly shown when looking at Aurora. It is made of a waving formpreassured frame upholstered with fabric/leather and with a simple underframe in stainless steel. This combination gives the chair a light and almost floating look. The formpreassured back is made in beech, birch, maple, cherry or walnut  most kinds of fabric and leather can be used.

»When the first prototype was ready the waving linie of the chair reminded me of the Northern Lights as I know it from Scandinavia this is why the chair is called Aurora (another word for Northern Light).« says Jørn Utzon.

Aurora is produced in two editions, one with a low back and one with high back and footrest.
Jørn Utzon

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