• James Irvine Open System
  • James Irvine Open System
  • James Irvine Open System
The functionality and formal orderliness of steel characterize Open, the new system of chairs and tables for the Outdoors born from James Irvine’s design.

A strong, resistant material defined with soft lines and curves which enrich the fine profile of the chairs: practical, stackable, perfect for gardens or open-air public areas, they are proposed in light gray and British racing green finishes.

The beveled holes made on the surface of the chair vanish along the curve and then characterize the backrest again, where the steel sheet increases in surface and is reinforced. These holes give the seats structural strength, allow the rain to pass and design a characterizing texture for all of the Open ensemble. The tables – round, square and rectangular – opt for fine sheet steel for the large tops and underline the profile with a practical and decorative pierced edge.

James Irvine