• Catharina Lorenz and Steffen Kaz Aspetto Lounge Chair
  • Catharina Lorenz and Steffen Kaz Aspetto Lounge Chair
aspetto - (wait)

A new design series of furniture that can be configured to fit entrance and waiting area spaces.
'aspetto' combines the elements of seat, table and habitation, fusing them into a single zone for moments of pleasurable sitting.

Crafted from a single sheet of thin material, the aluminium is cut, bent and butt jointed into a seamless loop that can be covered in luscious leather or delicious colour.

aspetto basic material:
5 mm aluminium bend and welded

aspetto surface:
powder coating outside and inside one color
powder coating, colored inside two colors
PVC foil
leather coated outside and inside one or two colors

aspetto colors outside:
Powder coating colors are chosen from the RAL color system.
Powder coating outside :
White: RAL 9010, Black: RAL 9005, Light Silver: RAL 9006,
Dark Silver: RAL 9007. For the one colored version we use the above colors.

aspetto colours inside:
For the inside color of the two colored version we use the NCS Color system.
Inside colors:
Red: NCS S1580-Y90R, Orange: NCS S1070-Y40R, Light blue: NCS S2030-B,
Light green: NCS 0550-G40Y, Beige: NCS S1005-Y20R,
Grey blue: NCS S3010-B, Brown: NCS S7010-Y30R

The aspetto leather version is offered in 11 different colors

Catharina Lorenz and Steffen Kaz

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