Hans Thyge Raunkjær Sala Chair
  • Hans Thyge Raunkjær Sala Chair
  • Hans Thyge Raunkjær Sala Chair
  • Hans Thyge Raunkjær Sala Chair
  • Hans Thyge Raunkjær Sala Chair
A theme that invites to variations is the prized Sala chair from R. Randers. The characteristics of the chair: a light but still first class radiation, which it obtains through optimum minimalism as to form and materials. With this presumably self-contradictory presentation principle the designer Hans Thyge Raunkjær has hit the trend of the times.

As the latest version of this successful design concept, the Danish manufacturer now presents the Sala chair in a convincing high tech edition. Sharp and thin as an elegantly formed body part, the distinctive back in a first class glass tissue enforced plastic leaves an exceptional mark on the chair.

A through-going wide-meshed perforated pattern underlines the technical look, which forms a contrast to the forthcoming and forward-leaning pose of the chair. In that way you surprisingly register how soft and kind the chair back grasps the back.

Only the shape is determined on this new chair; almost anything else is variable. In that way the chair offers exactly the individuality that the consumer of today wishes. What about a back in “natural” veneer or in one of the numerous lacquerstained colours combined with a black or natural coloured seat? Or the back in a lacquerstained colour with an upholstered seat?

The design would be particularly emphasized if you choose a combination of black leather and chrome; more classical the version of chrome and maple veneer would be…. The variations are numerous, meaning that every client can practically create his own Sala.

As such a chair does not apply for individual use only but also as a chair able to link together in rows, an innovative linking device for the Sala is available, which can be remounted. When the device is not in use, it can be turned under the seat.

This integrated linking system of the chair has the advantage that there are no loose parts to lose or mount before use. Furthermore, the Sala chair is easy to use in various commercial branches: It is easily and elegantly stacked to protect the upholstered seats the chair is available with a stacking shield and is easy to move with a transport trolley.

Hans Thyge Raunkjær

R. Randers