Sylvain Willenz

Since setting up his studio in 2003, designer Sylvain Willenz has already given birth to a handful of remarkable designs. Dr. Bamboozle, a striking seat made of bamboo and rubber, InnerTube, a soft and flexible lampshade, Snottebel, a fairy tale branch full of twinkling lights, Brackets Included, folded steal wall shelves inspired by the existing hardware shop basic shelf-bracket, and STUFF, an elastic bag made of rubber that takes over the form of its content. A small, but consistent collection of design objects in which the signature of the young designer is obvious: an experimental use of materials, a liking for versatile and organic forms, an eye for detail and attention to the finished and manufactured product. This designer from Brussels gets a kick out of trying out and experimenting things. Sylvain will source his inspiration in the everyday objects and materials; from glue, tape, post-its, paste, chewing gum, to old rubber tires and spraycans. He combines wood, steal and aluminum and submerges his creations into rubber, one of his favorite materials. And although his objects can have an experimental character, Sylvain never forgets the production value and the feasibility in his designs. These elements taken into account, it is worth calling Sylvain a contemporary designer. Indeed, his first creations haven