Joy Ohashi

Joy Ohashi earned a Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Studies from the University of California at Los Angeles, followed by a Juris Doctor degree from the School of Law and a Masters in Architecture, both from the University of California at Berkeley. Before forming Ohashi Design Studio, Joy worked at several of San Francisco's top architecture firms, including McCue Boone & Tomsick, Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz, Robinson Mills and Williams, and Holt Hinshaw.

In addition to architecture, Joy's focus is on the interior design projects of the firm, in which she interweaves the architectural "hard" elements with the interior "soft" elements of the designed environment. Her unique expertise in both architecture and interior design sets Ohashi Design apart from its competitors. Joy has been a speaker at numerous functions, including the recent "Women in Design" symposium sponsored by the American Society of Interior Designers.