Chris Slutter

Chris Slutter was born in 1972 in Terborg, the Netherlands , into a household familiar with all aspects of furniture and interior design. He graduated from the AKI Enschede in 1997 with a BA degree in architectural/ industrial design, the same year he won the prestigious prize for best young designer with his Leaning lamp.
Following his studies he worked for the next three years in Enschede on a number of diverse projects and designs, later moving to Amsterdam opening his own Design studio from where he still works today.
The Work from Chris Slutter can best described as a search for the simplified form through design, this and the ongoing investigation of how the process of design affects the final product, and through this method of questioning he can stay true to the materials he uses which is central to his work. This cogitate process formulates a functional basis that expresses itself by clarity and quality in the completed design.