Xavier Mañosa Fang Vases
  • Xavier Mañosa Fang Vases
  • Xavier Mañosa Fang Vases
An extraordinary table by a creator out of the norm. Xavier Mañosa (Barcelona, 1981) is in this order a potter, artist and designer. He inherited the artisanal tradition and family workshop and has found his place in contemporary ceramic art, designing pieces with his own characteristics. To demonstrate, this table has been modelled for BD with his own hands. Each leg is uniquely different. They are made of porcelain stoneware at high temperatures to guarantee resistance and durability. It’s presented in two versions. One is where the legs are in a black enamel, brilliant finish and the oak table top tinted in black to match. The other has a raw finish with a natural oak top. For this version, the material for the legs used is visible with no additional coatings. They are just as they are when they come out of the oven at 1250º. This is where the table’s name, Fang is from, which in Catalan means ‘clay’. This series of tables is complemented with a new collection of vases made with the same materials. They are deliberately made imperfect to ensure that each one is different. They are also unique in that the artist’s workmanship is evident.

Xavier Mañosa

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