Wis Design Patch Cabinet
  • Wis Design Patch Cabinet
  • Wis Design Patch Cabinet
  • Wis Design Patch Cabinet
Patch Cabinet is an example of WIS Design’s love for transforming odd materials into shapes to fit modern spaces. In this case, WIS Design was inspired by perforated sheet metal, a material traditionally relegated to the world of industrial construction. Here the same perforated sheets are transformed into ornaments on the surface of the simple and rationalist cabinet, bringing to mind a myriad of beautiful patterns, assuming the appearance of a treasured patchwork or beautiful quilted blanket.

The perforated metal sheeting offers technical advantages, allowing the infra-red signals from remote controls to reach televisions, DVD players, or stereo systems concealed within the Patch Cabinet, even when the doors are closed. The vented metal panels permit air circulation and reduce the risk of overheating. The dimensions of the drawers and shelves have been specifically designed to accommodate DVDs and DVD players. In addition, the back of the cabinet is equipped with openings to allow cables to pass through without the need for drilling.

structure in metal; doors and drawers in lacquered MDF; grills in coloured metal

L/W 180 P/D 40 H 60

white; grills in black, white, greens or blues

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