Walter Giers Quadra-tisch G14 Table
  • Walter Giers Quadra-tisch G14 Table
In the end, the word was Quadra-tisch
(Quadratisch is German for “square” / Tisch means table)
7 x 7 = 49 light squares featuring light and sound compositions can be experienced across this entire table.
In the “Electronic Art” series of 14 designs for Draenert, “table” (Tisch) is taken from familiar word entities and realised electronically.

Walter Giers was born in 1937 and today lives in Schwäbisch Gmünd where he has been living and working for years. From here his works bring life to the form and animation of entire cityscapes with imagination and art. The term “invention” couldn’t be applied to any artist better than to Walter Giers. He playfully overcomes the boundaries between design and art with ingenious creations which involve the user, “consumer” in a closer and further sense, in their concept – for inspiration as well as gaining attention. Walter Giers once claimed in his “Intentionen”: “The recipient is purposefully influenced.”
The directed nature of influence is certainly a feature of Giers’ aesthetic whereby the extent of influence can certainly be seen variably. Decisive is the layer in the physical structure which is aimed at – even in the case of the basic bias of man and mammal, humans still have “cultural refinement” available to them which lets them react in a qualifying manner to intended influences.

Walter Giers