Vilhelm Wohlert Magazin Lamp
  • Vilhelm Wohlert Magazin Lamp
- Designed for Ny Carlsberg Fonden in Copenhagen - Made for low ceiling heights - Majority of light directed downward - Anti-glare ring shields lamp from direct view - Light is distributed onto ceiling - creating different patterns

Magazin Normal & Mini provide general lighting. The position and height of the anti-glare ring are designed to cover the filament in an incandescent light source, preventing glare. Depending on the light source chosen, different patterns of light are generated on the ceiling.

White, powder coated.

The family of Magazin fixtures started out with the 40 watt incandescent version, which was created for Ny Carlsberg Fonden (the New Carlsberg Foundation) in Copenhagen. The main idea was to create a ceiling fixture for classical buildings with very low ceilings heights.

Vilhelm Wohlert

Louis Poulsen