Uwe Fischer Annex Lamp
  • Uwe Fischer Annex Lamp
  • Uwe Fischer Annex Lamp
  • Uwe Fischer Annex Lamp
  • Uwe Fischer Annex Lamp
  • Uwe Fischer Annex Lamp
Annex - Archetype of a luminaire category

This masterpiece is achieved by a cone of opal glass. As a reflector it ingeniously disperses the light in the room and itself acts as a body for illumination. Like the archetype of a luminaire category the pure, geometric body stands in a case of mouth-blown crystal glass.

The shape of the case corresponds with the exhibit it displays to create a formal whole with it. Simultaneously, it assumes the function of shade and is attached to the ceiling fixture - without distracting details. A white, vulcanized, silicon preform over which the glass is placed, permits the radical reduction to pure form.

Annex is available in three sizes and several versions, so that various light effects can be achieved for high and low rooms. With the conic reflector of frosted cased glass it emits light downwards, and illuminates both room and ceiling.

The light can be made to appear more dramatic by inserting an aluminum reflector; this produces direct lighting downwards and soft light on the ceiling. And a third version with a shade of frosted case glass but without internal reflector Annex lends itself to even lighting. It can also be used as a suspension lamp and is equally suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, corridors and offices - for small and large rooms alike.

Mouth-blown glass, silicon - vulcanized, die-cast aluminum - coated white
Version 1 shade of crystal glass - clear, and internal reflector of frosted cased glass
Version 2 shade of crystal glass - clear, and internal reflector of aluminum, high-gloss chrome-plated outside, white coated inside
Version 3 shade of frosted cased glass, without internal reflector
Pendulum high-gloss chrome-plated

Light source
Small: Halogen bulb max. 75 W/G9
Medium: Halogen bulb max. 150 W/B15d
Large: Halogen bulb max. 250 W/E 27 resp.
Compact fluorescent bulb max.32 W/ G24q-3

Diffuse light from the side through shade, direct light downwards and upwards, alternatively only direct light downward and upwards, alternatively only diffuse light

Recommended via an external dimmer

Uwe Fischer