Tom Stepp Stepp Two Ashtray
  • Tom Stepp Stepp Two Ashtray
  • Tom Stepp Stepp Two Ashtray
  • Tom Stepp Stepp Two Ashtray
  • Tom Stepp Stepp Two Ashtray
Normann Copenhagen without filter – Stepptwo by Tom Stepp

Some people call it a bad habit? Normann Copenhagen presents the ashtray Stepptwo that is all about design and has nothing to do with habits. We could tell the story about Tom Stepp having designed an ashtray that isolates the smoke and minimizes the smell but that is not what we want to do. In stead we want to tell you that Tom Stepp originally designed the ashtray for himself in order to make his everyday life more beautiful. That is the way we see it.

Stepptwo is for everyone who is in need of a stylish ashtray. It is all about the design – not the bad excuses.

Tom Stepp explains: ”My approach is to design objects that I feel like using myself and that contributes to making everyday life more beautiful. An ashtray is a utensil that most people need.... Even non-smokers. The ashtray that I designed is sealed and beautiful to look at. For the stylish dinner party as well as for everyday use”.

Stepptwo has a masculine look and is made for those who love design no matter what. Functionality and design is united in one and the same product which makes it a utensil with positive features.

Normann Copenhagen without filter.... even on a weekday.
Material: Aluminum
Colour: Black

Tom Stepp

Normann Copenhagen